What can I get from my Soul Plan?

Soul Plan will bring you a deeper spiritual understanding of your life experiences in the everyday and spiritual sense. It is a powerful and accurate system of life purpose analyses. It will explain certain life themes that you might have experienced, for example why you keep attracting and repeating certain challenging experiences or why you feel calling to a certain professional path.

Although there is no one who can tell you precisely what will occur during your life, there is, however, an overall plan that exists for each individual. That is your Soul Plan. The reading is based on your birth name, even the ancient Romans knew that “Noman Est Oman” a name is an omen! Your name is a key to your Soul Plan for this life. Soul Plan Reading will decode your name and bring you to a new level of awareness about:

  • Your TALENTS
  • Your GOALS

Soul Plan Reading is a transformational, healing and clarifying experience. It can transform your life as Soul Plan awakens you to your life purpose and shows the way to a Purpose Driven Life!

Results from your Soul Plan Reading

  • You will understand better your life lessons
  • You will discover your greatest potential
  • You will gain clarity about your goals and direction
  • You will reconnect with Your True Life Purpose

Soul Plan Reading will also offer you clear guidelines on how to clear anything that may be blocking you from realizing your full potential or Soul Destiny.

Roots of the Soul Plan

Soul Plan has its roots in an ancient system of life purpose analysis and ancient texts such as Sefer Yetzirah, the Zohar and Hebrew Gematria, which is most commonly associated with Hebrew numerology. In the second half of the last century a new set of interpretation under the title of “Numerology of Moses” were channeled by the visionary Frank Alper.

This has been modernized again and interpreted by Blue Marsden, the author of “Soul Plan – Reconnect with Your True Life Purpose“. In this present format Blue Marsden has extended on the original, added new interpretations and channeled additional material. The new version is more relevant to our current time.

To become a certified Soul Plan Reader, I studied directly with Blue Marsden in the Holistic Healing College in London.

Book Your Soul Plan Reading

After you purchase a session, I will contact you directly by email to schedule the session. Soul Plan Readings are conducted by phone or Skype.

Price: $197 / 176€ for a Soul Plan Reading.

If you have questions about Soul Plan Reading, please feel free to write to me at